Meet the Teachers

At the Colonial Schools, our unique early childhood education program is built on the experience of our teachers and the care and attention they bring to their classrooms. Take a moment to get to know a little bit about the educators at the Westover Preparatory School and the Preparatory School on the Square.

Heather Reister


Mrs. Reister joined the Colonial family in 2001 working as an assistant at the school. During that time she earned a Master’s Degree in Family and Child Studies from Miami University. She continued working at Colonial as the Director of Marketing for both communities, Berkeley Square and Westover for two years before returning to the school in current role as Administrator. “Working with children and their families has always been my passion. It is amazing to me how family members influence one another. I love getting to know our children and their families.” Mrs. Reister spends free time with her family and friends attending sporting events, cooking and enjoying her husband and two children.

Ginger Powers


As the Colonial Schools kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Powers gets the most pleasure out of watching each child grow – both academically and socially – with a true understanding and mastery of a skill. After 30+ years of teaching, her favorite unit of study is still the human body. Outside of school, Mrs. Powers loves to attend rock concerts, dancing, reading and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Lynne Fansler

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Fansler has been a part of the Colonial Schools for over 15 years. For her, the best part of teaching is watching children discover how to perform some action or task they had not yet mastered. This comes as no surprise since Ms. Fanslers’ favorite activities involve performing too – singing for the residents and dressing up in the drama center are among her favorites. Outside of class, she spends time enjoying her own children.

Eileen Mignerey


As an avid gardener and nature lover, it is no surprise that Mrs. Mignerey’s favorite activity with her students is the studying of plants and butterflies. Anything which takes her outside with children to "play in the dirt" is fine with her. With daughters and grandchildren on both the east and the west coasts, one of her favorite things to do is to spend as much time with the grandkids, either in person or online or the phone. The joys of her beautiful gardens and the relaxation of a good book allow Eileen to really enjoy life. She most enjoys simply being with the children at Westover and has been teaching at the Colonial Schools for 18 years.

Julie Hensler

Office Assistant

Mrs. Hensler joined the Colonial Schools staff in 1991 as the assistant in the first Kindergarten class. Mrs. Hensler began teaching in the classroom and continued to do so for 17 years. In June 2008, Mrs. Hensler took on a new adventure when she came out of the classroom and became the Colonial Schools office assistant. Although there are times when Mrs. Hensler misses the classroom, she is very happy with the new challenges of the school office. When not at school, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren. She also enjoys vacations with friends.


Mary Ann Honchell


Mrs. Honchell has been an important part of Colonial Schools for over 12 years. She states that teaching children is what she was born to do. She most enjoys the one-on-one time with children, getting to know them and drawing out their personalities. Spring trees and pilgrims are also favorite units. With family as her number one priority, she spends much of her free time with her husband and kids.

Lori W. Rich


For nearly 12 years, Mrs. Rich has been working with the children and residents at the Colonial Schools and considers the staff her second family. She enjoys watching as the children progress throughout the year and getting to know them and their families. She feels blessed to have a job she truly loves. She considers activities with the Colonial residents very special - witnessing a resident's eyes light when making a child smile and vice versa - this is what makes Colonial Schools so special and unique. With two teenage children of her own, she keeps busy with their activities and her family and friends.

Patti North

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. North graduated from Our Lady of Angels High School before attending Miami University. During that time she found she had a passion for working with children and as luck would have it the Colonial Schools was looking for a fabulous teacher. Nearly 14 years later, Mrs. North says her favorite thing about teaching is watching the children learn, “I love when a parent stops in to tell me what their child learned at school that day. It’s amazing how much information they retain.” Her favorite area of study is the butterfly unit- the children love to watch the caterpillars grow, make their chrysalis and hatch into butterflies! Mrs. North stays busy with two teenage children of her own.

Beth Enderle


Beth Enderle came to the Colonial Schools as an assistant after years of teaching as an elementary teacher in both public and private schools. Mrs. Enderle is a Hamilton native graduating from Badin High School. She obtained her teaching degree from the University of Dayton, and her Masters in Education from Wright State University. She loves working with preschoolers because there is never a dull moment in her day. "I also love the 'light bulb' moments when I know they really get a concept", she says. Mrs. Enderle loves to read and walk her dog, Sammy, and spends most of her free time enjoying moments with her husband and two children.

Teresa Chable

Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Chable moved to the Hamilton area in 2009 to be closer to her family. After working with children in a Christian school setting for many years, Mrs. Chable is a real asset to Colonial Schools. She loves caring for and teaching young children. She truly understands the importance of the developmental years in a child’s life and feels that it is her responsibility to be a good role model for the children in her class. When she is not assisting in the classroom Mrs. Chable spends time with her husband and daughter.

Janette Lowe

Teacher Assistant

As a mother of four, it is no surprise that Mrs. Lowe loves teaching children. Mrs. Lowe joined the Colonial Schools team in 2009 bringing with her a wealth of classroom experience. Her expertise in reading intervention prepares children in her classroom for the next step toward learning to read. Mrs. Lowe spent 2 years assisting in a classroom for students with developmental delays or diagnosis of autism or other special needs. Mrs. Lowe is a very involved mom and devoted wife.

Tammy Stempfley

Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Stempfley has stated that "I love to see how much a child grows from September to May. It is amazing how much they learn." Mrs. Stempfley joined the Colonial Schools team in 2010 in the Enrichment Program. Mrs. Stempfley's commitment to the very busy program is balanced with her even busier home life. She enjoys vacationing and attending social events with her two teenage daughters and husband of 25 years. She says her greatest blessing is her wonderful family and friends.

Kathy Forrest

Teacher Assistant

With seven children and nine grandchildren Mrs. Forrest knows a thing or two about caring for young children! Mrs. Forrest began teaching the Enrichment Program at Colonial in 2010 and states that she “has a passion for working with children.” Mrs. Forrest and her husband live on a five- acre farm in Oxford where they raise their sheep and three dogs. Mrs. Forrest also enjoys shopping at craft shows and spending time with her grandchildren.

Adam Matthews


Mr. Mathews notes that growing up he always enjoyed helping children learn and grow. Because of this, he decided to pursue education as a career. He is currently completing his associate’s degree at Cincinnati State and will attend Miami University next year to complete his bachelor’s degree. When he is not in the classroom, Adam enjoys playing soccer and spending time on his grandparent’s farm.

Krista Mollette

Lead Teacher

Ms. Mollette earned a bachelor’s degree in Family Studies with a focus on Child Development from Miami University. Initially interested in practicing medicine, she switched her focus to education following her first mission trip to Haiti in 2008. She enjoys the flexibility of a field that enables her to truly make a difference, while also having time to focus on family. Working in Haiti solidified her career decision and her passion for working with children. Notably, Ms. Mollette began her own organization in Haiti focused on lowering education inequality. She even developed her own home school curriculum in the children’s native language for those residing in the most rural communities of Haiti. 

Ms. Mollette loves helping children accomplish their goals – even if it’s just using scissors properly. An outdoor adventurist at heart, she loves kayaking, hiking, rock climbing and caving, but also enjoys painting and playing her guitar.